“Ptah is God…how did he get blackballed?”🤷🏾‍♀️By Nijeta Ankh

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As I am in deep thought today, and desiring to give what I promised, it is occurring to me, the subject may be out of reach for a full synopsis with troves of books and acadamia and spiritual connotation, to describe GIVING JUSTICE to this figure is very limited.

The majority of what is taught in prescribed academic institutions is of the historian, poet, and later philosopher, Plato. It is Plato who visited ancient Egypt”Kemet” to help the Greeks FORM a theology and philosophy that would grant them wisdom and guidance into the coming millennia. One of these adopted theologies was one of the main basic tenants of Christianity, The Holy Trinity, The Greek Pantheon, and Creation Stories. However, it was not only Greek theology that was forming as the Greek/Roman began to impose their systems on many cultures of belief(religion) after what they say was the Birth of Christ. Although, The AKAN and IFA systems of ancient KUSH revisited and practiced during the 25th Dynasty of the same , Ancient Kemet or North Africa HAD and STILL RECOGNIZE Gods that experienced and represented some of the same values/ persons/ events within its own venerated belief. The resurrection of the God Osiris (Asar) is one of these persons closely resembling the Story of Jesus. Yet, we covered this holy one in another post and today would like to deal with a separate entity altogether, the God Ptah!


I would like to also bring this vid as a good resource of the history and belief.

(Akan/Kushite concept of a Supreme Being)

So how come I have only just read about him a few years ago?

The idea of an amphibious appearing being with a staff of power PROVEN to actually be evidence of the first efforts of human and electrical involvement-The DJED , his metal staff of truth! Why don’t we know this, collectively?

The First Architect is the God Ptah (which phonetically sounds very close to “Allah” or am I tripping?)…

Things have definitely been concealed in respect to this figure as history actually begins to remove Ptah completely as a figure and replacing him with a Lotus Flower.

THIS needs explanation but that is also limited. In my estimation and based on some of my readings of the Vedic Texts, The Lotus Flower is significant as a SYMBOL and PHYSICAL REPRESENTATION in nature of The Supreme Being. There is also a Lotus Sutra describing the relationships. An entirely different system altogether, it seems to connect.

Ptah as a Lotus Flower loses scope as a Lotus Flower cannot do as a man or man-like creature can.

Ptah is said in Memphis Theology to have created the Universe (our universe) and everything (at that time) in it. He is said to came from a source energy and a womb of watery space called the NUN.

The following is taken from the Shabaka Stone/Memphis Theology

53 There comes into being in the heart ; there comes into being by the tongue, (something) as the image of Atum ! 

Ptah is the very great, who gives life to all the gods and their Kas. Lo, through this heart and this tongue.

54 Horus came into being in him ; Thoth came into being in him as Ptah.

Power came into being in the heart and by the tongue and in all limbs, in accordance with the teaching that it (the heart) is in all bodies and it (the tongue) is in every mouth of all gods, all men, all flocks, all creeping things and whatever lives ; thinking whatever the heart wishes and commanding whatever the tongue wishes ! 

55 His (Ptah’s) Ennead is before him as heart, authoritative utterance, teeth, semen, lips and hands of Atum.

This Ennead of Atum came into being through his semen and through his fingers.

Surely, this Ennead (of Ptah) is the teeth and the lips in the mouth, proclaiming the names of all things, from which Shu and Tefnut came forth as him, and 

56 which gave birth to the Ennead (of Ptah).

The sight of the eyes, the hearing of the ears, and the breathing of air through the nose, they transmit to the heart, which brings forth every decision.

Indeed, the tongue thence repeats what is in front of the heart. Thus was given birth to all the gods. His (Ptah’s) Ennead was completed.

Lo, every word of the god came into being through the thoughts in 

the heart & the command by the tongue.”

Ptah opens up the realm of possibility by writing in the DNA and activating it. His name in the hieroglyph resembles human DNA. We know (as a fact, and not possibly a theory) that SOMEONE read and composed it all , CORRECT?

Well later doctrines start to deal less and less with any of it.

And instead focus on a later visitation of a Christ or BUDDHA. Dominant factions of Christianity MAKE this person GOD.

Under colonial powers, most have taken on these concepts, instead. Most aren’t troubled enough to study (research) and go far back enough in their studies to find the omission, and information “lost in translation”.

Enki/The Fish/Nommo

However, the Dogon Tribe amazingly HAVE STORIES of a Supreme and Amphibious black God visiting and leaving representations of himself as nature and even the FISH to EAT! HE SAYS TO EAT OF HIS BODY!

This is the God Nommo.

Does he relate to Ptah as a later representative?

The Ogdoads and Ennead were both pantheons with beings such as these. Why are they thought to be dead?

Here is a good vid by Brother and scholar on the subject, leave your comments below!

Study Black History!📣

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