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Ascension to the New Work!🚧 By Nijeta Ankh


We have ALL ascended!

You just may not know it, and therefore , your actions, thoughts, and behaviour

show it…..yes!

What was proof of this?

The epic timewarp called

The “Mandela Effect” , The


the opening of the Lion’s

Gate and lastly, the change

in our physical bodies…

documented thru research

unbiased but censored

heavily on the “Mandela

Effect”. But no matter

what we remember,

we know that there is

something different.

And I just told you

what it was.

lets acknowledge the

term “ascension”.

as·cen·sion/əˈsen(t)SH(ə)n/Learn to pronouncenounnoun: ascension; plural noun: ascensions

  1. the act of rising to an important position or a higher level.”his ascension to the ranks of pop star”
    • the ascent of Christ into heaven on the fortieth day after the Resurrection.noun: Ascension

-Google definition


Yes, time to work.

Because we have been sleeping

spiritually. We have become

unble to remain sleeping

and therefore, must engage

on a higher level.

One aspect of this “sleep”

is like that of a narcissist

who’s true self is hidden,

“sleeping” and cannot

experience love, empathy,

or any aspect of higher


The is a documented

phenomena. I know

it is something that

is more prominent and

relavent to the humanity.

Grand Rising!📢

What do you “do” as you


Relive your bowels?

Brush your teeth?

Make some tea?

Well that is normal..

Lets look at a 9 point

“spiritual wake-up list” to


  1. What is guiding you?Assess your guidance system. Your personalGPS. Is it truly your Higher Self Or are you controlled by the inorganic guidance of mankind (Associated Press,The Matrix, agents of the Matrix? Your spouse? Your child?)

Make the hard desicion

to adjust your life to



the guidance for your life.

This may cause you to lose everything.

Perhaps, this is what is

pervayed in this scripture

in your Bible (Matthew 19:21)

“Jesus said unto him, If thou wilt be perfect, go and sell that thou hast, and give to the poor, and thou shalt have treasure in heaven: and come and follow me.”- King James version

This kind of acumen MAY make you look insane to your family, friends, and acquaintances.

If you are called crazy for divine reasons, so be it.

Keep acsending.

2.How do you use your self (body) and will?

Are you claiming to be a good person but

are engaging in acts that harm people,

everyday? If so, do you have any choice?

The best way to know, is to connect

with your physical body (chakra system)

your heart chakra filtering all motive, actions

and emotions.

The higher you want to ascend (spiritually)

the more strict you will be about this.

however, do you realise that YOU are

the most important “person”?

Therefore, ALL ACTION puts you in the

divine godseat of power. The “WILL”.

If the “WILL” is corrupted, we cannot

enter PEACE of mind.

You CANNOT bypass this measure.

3.Go within, deeper!

Meditate, meditate, meditate!

Instead of going out, set times

days, even weeks (if you can)

to CONNECT your being to

the cosmos/divine/source/

gods/and nature (within)

If you try to bypass this

and live the life on the

work of your mentor, master

teacher, spouse, best friend

ect, they will get pretty

excerbated with you.

Do the work!

4.End poor relationships

If you remain alone even

to your last breath, it is better

then being mentally,

spiritually demeaned,

abused, and lead astray.

Stop scrolling and falling

for demonic propaganda.

Realise, there is a low

vibrational matrix using

the energy of the human

being TO EXIST.

Self-preservation is the

high principle here.

5. Set high spiritual goals!

Once we are guided by

our divine source, set divine

goals for yourself!

THIS is where you WILL

find the most obstacles!

However, this is where you

truly do “graduate”.

When it comes to spirituality,

this is not shunned AS MUCH

as with religious constructs.

Remember MEDITATION and

Prayer CONNECTS you!

Listen to it and ABIDE by

the aspirations inspired.

(no, this ISN’T happening enough)

otherwise,there would be

stronger melenated

conscious communities.

If you want to be a guru

I won’t tell you that you cannot.

The hindering is inconionable

but the good news is


Powering this, will NOT

allow a hindrance.

6. Find your name.

This is also finding your

Galactic Signature (if studying

Natural Time) birth number

and basic archetype.

Many search scriptures for

guidence on their higher

self. This is almost impossible

to FIND that way.

This is more of a SPIRITUAL

seeking and comes in time.

You will feel a great vitality

and cosmic gain in your

spirit, once realised.

6. Block the demons!

Stop playing games with them.

If you are married to one,

get a divorce!

if you find out your CEO is a demon

(low vibrational entity/see my post

on Dark Entities


This can put you in the poor house.

Which is fine, the Earth is your home!🌏

Just 3 more sections to go but let’s pause

And I will bring MORE to reflect on.

To be con’t.

A’se! 🌬️💫


Featured image:

Manzel Bowman

“Sublime intervention”

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