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“Acsension to the New Work (conclusion) revised” by Nijeta Ankh


and love,

and nature,

is here for you, everyday!

So I say again, “Peace” meaning

I wish you the peace, readily available.

This is to conclude my post “Acension to the New Work”

which is a 9 point plan of action for the light being,

the melenated, and indigenous currently integrated into this matrix.

So to continue, here is #7.

7. Accept everything as it is, even if you want things to be different.

Accept everything as it is! This is vital, even if you want to change things. Stretch your mind beyond your taught beliefs, your heartfelt inner standings, dogmatic belief systems, ect!

Think outside the box and you will find the truth (because the box hides you away from it).

We (as human beings/humanoid) believe that whatever we believe will affect time/space and our lives. We set a “frame of reference” built from experience but also OUR “UNDERSTANDING” of our experience.

Therefore, as Tehuti implied, wisdom is greater than wealth.

This is not what this society demands. Therefore, not sought after as much as flighty things (fiat/poor relationships/degenerative engagement).

Unfortunately (and in my opinion) this society demands falsehood as a foundation and root for systemic behaviors, understandings about a god force ( Creator). And therefore, limits the growth of it’s bound (spiritually) inhabitants.

We rise beyond the age of deception into the age of knowing.

This is written about in your Bible and scriptures from all over the planet.

8. Reflect on the Earth Ship!

We are traveling on a piece of rock!

When I tell people this as a reminder, they seem to be affected by the statement.

Maybe they don’t feel connected to it. Do you?

When faced with difficulty, do you Reflect (ever) on this, concept?

The schumann resonance , do you breathe with it?

Do you feel connected to this planet from a place of compassion?

Add a “Earthplane meditation” to your routine!

Find music/images/ crystals/minerals and landscape that help you connect with this COSMIC ENERGY.

9.SHOW EXTREME COMPASSION even when you don’t think it makes sense.

We will be tapping into a work/sacrifice to bring what Jose Argulles called the “Noosphere” which is an entirely new Earthplane due to metaphysical and alchemical change. Look this up. This is yet ANOTHER example of Great Change on the planet as we call the “Age of Aquarius”.

Therefore, we MUST apply a mother’s like compassion for human beings. We must apply attention and sacrifice for the greatest good.

You see, even if you are a devout Muslim and your friend is a devout Buddhist, and a third is a spiritualist, you should not only get along, but the plane should be ENGAGING in only higher persuits of compassion

So what has happened on this plane? It will all be made clear.



Concluding: Ascend!


*Artwork (featured image) by Manzel Bowman

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