“The Metaphysical and non-physical makeup of the Hueman”[Preview] by Nijeta Ankh ☥

Greetings Galactic family!🌬️❤️

I have a question.

What are you made of?

What is your metaphysical makeup?

I don’t mean I need you to pull up the periodic table but….what are we really encompassing, that drives us?

And in the makeup, the energy within.

There’s alot going on, even in your eye. Have you considered it? Your liver?

Oh… that’s physical stuff. What about mentally. What’s driving your thoughts?

Your actions. And the overlapping nature tends to hide, what’s really going on.

You soul, spiritually, how is it? How do you know?

Your emotions, are they on point?

Your environment, how does it affect your bodies?

Well in this hyper-carnal world of ineptness, something leads me to ask, often, what the fuck is going on here?

Why are people so odd? The people you are close to. Sometimes, connect with you. Other times, are enemies.


Well, that’s the issue. In my next post (this Sunday) I will answer these questions.

Log in Sunday, read, comment, reflect on my full synopsis.



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