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Envy: The monster hiding in our relationships (Pt.1) by Nijeta Ankh

To honest readers, supporters, fellow bloggers, truth-seekers: Peace!

Embarking on this subject, of course, it is personal as the word “Relationships” denotes personal experience for any of us. However, this issue has been a proverbial “thorn in the side” of humanity for as long as writing instruments has been used to record history.

We “humanity” are a fragmented bunch. We fail to see “eye to eye” on much, now, and it’s been that way for some time.

Said to be one of the seven deadly sins, defined by Webster’s :

Full Definition of envy

 (Entry 1 of 2)1: painful or resentful awareness of an advantage enjoyed by another joined with a desire to possess the same advantage2obsolete MALICE3: an object of envious notice or feeling his new car made him the envy of his friends.-

May I add,

Envy (a vexation of spirit) is a disagreement taking place within ones self, entity, spirit. It doesn’t even need form (the envious entity) based on some “scriptures” which we are learning are translations from earlier recordings of history (scrolls, papyrus, stone tablets) including one I read often (it’s best translation available) the Pert Em Heru.

Envy is also an abnormal dislike for occurrences in human life which manifests as abhorring others, their gifts (natural abilities) possessions, family, place of origin, ect. It can be the least of things to dislike (eye color, hair texture, livelihood) to the greatest (spiritual aptitude, favor with God (and/or) Gods or spiritual placement (eternal life). One can actually be envious about anything. It can appear random but rarely is as this vexation of spirit is usually rooted deep within one’s genetic history, ability to bond, empathize. It shows up in many ways and can even cause the envier to become Ill, physically.

For the envier, It Is all encompassing.

I will reference the scriptural story: One of Iblis & Adam:

“We created you, We formed you; and then We commanded the angels, “bow down before Adam,” and they bowed. But not Iblis; he refused to be one of those who bow.

God said: “What prevented you from bowing down as I commanded you?” And he [Iblis] said: “I am better than he: You created me from fire and him from clay.”

God said: “Get down from here! Here is no place for your arrogance, Get out! You are the lowest of creatures!”

but Iblis said, “Give me respite until the day they are raised.”

and God said, “You have respite.”

And then Iblis said, “Because you have put me in the wrong, I shall lie in wait for them on Your straight path; I will assault them from the front and the back, from their right and their left; nor will you find that most of them are grateful.”

God said, “Get out! You are disgraced and expelled! I swear I shall fill Hell with you and all who follow you.”

– Quran 2:30

This is astonishing to me because this entity was COMMANDED to BOW and refused. It appears he was envious. But the script doesn’t really tell you what his main malady was. He only says in regards to why he would not bow “I am made of fire”.

This is telling because he does something common with envy. He makes a COMPARISON! Comparison is comparing one thing from the other. It is not so much a bad thing to do and it happens, mentally, for humans on a daily basis. We choose what to eat, we choose where to go. We DETERMINE based on these COMPARISONS what to do. However, when your GOD asks you to do something and you decide not to, based on comparison, it is a dubious doing. Shallow at best, evil at the greatest of activity because the envier is participating in activity going against God!

Based on this scripture.

lets look at one of this world’s most hidden stories, but most relevant: The Story of Set and Asar (also called Osirus) of Ancient KEMET (now called Egypt) .

Two multi-dimensional beings of a much earlier period of time (some say prior to 50,000 years ago)!

The Pert Em Heru now called “Book of the Dead” chronicals two brothers, one Set, the other, Asar. Set was not without sustanance as they shared in such for that time period, which was MUCH MORE than what we enjoy now, based on record: holistic living was commonplace, very little sickness, no homelessness, poverty, or even the fear of death (Ancient Kemetians believed they were Interdimensional and lived beyond death) . However, Set was unhappy with the popularity of his brother Asar, his ability to teach, his growing following at the time. At the apex of his brothers fame, he decided to kill him, so he did, in a most horendous way, by dismembering his brothers body. The power of magic of his brothers spouse, Auset, aided her to find and bring life back to the body of Asar. EVEN SHE however, was made to flee from the wrath of Set.

Set was the embodiment of envy.

The obvious winner of this story, was Asar, to overcome such evil.

Believe it or not, this is shamefully shrouded in clamor that Set was justifiable. However, regardless of how anyone may feel (emotionally) about the story, nothing in the story denotes Set’s innocence. Some say it’s just a big myth and these characters are forces of nature. Even if that was true, what if the Sun grew enough ego to stray away from our little earth, cause it’s bigger and brighter? We would all be in trouble. Envy distrups balance.

Another aspect of this story is energy, it simply does not die and therefore, Set asks for it to come back and haunt him in the form of a tremendous and triumphant son, Heru.

I digress,

envy makes sense to the envier. They make the comparison, they are vexed in spirit, cannot comply with nature and must disrupt it.

Does it work out, usually?

You decide.

More examples of envy in your scriptures:

Cain & Able

Judas & Jesus

Sarah & Hagar

And the list goes on.

Question: Why does stories about the folly of envy come about in scriptures so often? Should they be deemed just good studies? Or perhaps something about envy should be , avoided?

We live in a world that allows more freedoms and even the freedom to envy and even make a good living at it. Some are paid to simply talk about people they wish to be, and envy. There are even whole industries built of stealing resources rightfully belonging to others. It’s all about how WELL you do it.

This is as if, there isn’t any final course of action by nature (karma) to add balance.

My advice: Stop comparing yourself to others! For unless you are the all-knowing, all-wise, it is impossible to surmise another’s gains. It is simply a glimpse and not a full panoramic view. It is acting out of ignorance which is never a true means to any gain.

Let’s continue with a part 2, this Sunday!

Feel free to comment, share, and reflect.



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