“Criminalization of the Economically Targeted Class” [Preview] by Nijeta Ankh

It’s here! The Class Wars!

The inevitable occurance , has occurred!

There are no justifiable reasons, no recourse, no end in sight! It’s nasty, and there seems to be no cure for it.

And it’s not only a class war.

They don’t even care about hiding it anymore, no, not with all of the systemic strongholds.

Moreover, It’s actually a RACIALLY motivated Class War! You just aren’t supposed to care. But hey, everybody hates black folks, right? Poor black folks better get back, or spirit themselves to another time period, like, 100,000 years ago, perhaps.

Those of us who see (and care) are made to feel we just aren’t supposed to care. Like we were supposed to evaporate by now. Like we should just be happy and accept Obama “Won”! Rap music is all over the world and don’t forget Kamala Harris! But this just doesn’t heal our wounds (poor blacks).

Controversial Feelings

Well I’m in my feelings, but I have proof!

Come back this weekend, for a full synopsis!



*Featured image: Typical “jail-like” accomodations for homeless women, nationwide.

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