Envy: The monster hiding in our relationships (Pt.2) by Nijeta Ankh


You probably have thought I wouldn’t make it back to post part 2 (conclusion). I’ve done that once before and need to fulfill my conclusion for the post “The metaphysical , non-physical makeup of the Hueman”. I shall and apologize for not completing the article. We are only huemans here, are we not?

Now back to envy, in our relationships.

I want to ask the following:

Is envy necessary in the Hueman experience?

Is Envy part of metaphysical realities or just an emotion?

And finally, does it show up in certain people more often, certain genomes, civilizations or is that reaching?

Well, as I stated in part 1, envy in relationships is part of hueman experience. I have one relationship in mind (one of the most vital in one’s life) and that was my marriage of 8 years. It took a while to figure out, and alot of distance, that the guy I called my husband was very envious of me. All I can say now is “ouch”! And a new saying “The closer they are, the deeper they can hurt you”.

Currently, there is nothing to assist people who experience envy from “loved ones” nope..it can lead to homelessness, theft (of ones livelihood, children) illness, mental illness, and more and currently – nothing at all in place to assist someone in the event they are bit by the envy bug. No, America isn’t made that way. You are to get somewhere and get a job (another one) and hopefully no one will envy you on the job (a very common way to lose it). Just suck it up.

Back to my x: he hid this In his heartspace for almost a decade while abusing me, hurling insults, keeping us financially pained, hitting me, and ultimately choking me almost to death. All because he didn’t feel worthy enough to be with me and was not “grown-up” enough to become the man he knew he should be. He decided being a degenerate (failing at community college, playing video games for over 10 hours a day, neglecting our children) up until I escaped and commenced a four year separation was what he wanted to do.

He was NOT going to leave me!

It became obvious (as my school loans came without fail and my artistic ventures succeeded) that he was jealous of my accomplishments.

Just as with Set, some type of fury set in. This is what makes envy and jealousy so dangerous. Envy is murderous. Envy wants to remove the object of envy. Envy will stop at nothing to destroy the object of envy and is definitely a mental illness!

But like narcissistic tendencies, it NEEDS the object in some ways. Sometimes to attempt to replicate (since it truly wishes to be the object of envy) to demonize (isolate) and ultimately cause to malfunction, the object of envy.

The problem is the “blind spots” and negating programming leading victims and those victimized directly into the lair of the envious. We ATTRACT envy and find ourselves stuck IN IT. ENVY LOVES GLITTER and is attracted by what it wants to be (attractive). In today’s modern society, we wear glitter everywhere – and we get envied. But remember “All that glitters is not gold”. Envy totally destroys false ideas of self. It is a trial for both the envier and the envied. The mental and emotional components of each, becoming clearly visible. It absolutely exposes everyone involved!

Envy wants the spotlight but doesn’t take the time to develope what it wants to show. Therefore, it will steal from someone else. Yet, how long can one manage that way???

Envy is a loser.

Envy wants quick results and usually doesn’t want to do the hard work to develope itself. Definitely a low vibration, creativity is not one of it’s abilities. Envy is like wanting to break Lebron James legs cause you will never make a jump shot like him. Doesn’t it sound kinda pointless?

Believe it or not, it’s a whole way of life for some.

The Melting Pot of Desires

I took a multiculturalism class years ago and was privy to some very controversial Ideas and concepts. One is the idea of cultural “amalgamation” and also cultural “appropriation”. Amalgamation is a concept used specifically for who are called “African-American”. After the Civil Rights era of the 60s-70s, the murder of Dr.King and his mother (the same day) black folks were supposed to “amalgamate” into white society. This means we were supposed to negate our culture for a more accepted culture and therefore “mutate” into a different kind of people. Not really sure what kind of people but the WINNING nature, strength ,spirituality, and amazing creativity of “African-Americans” causes me to think, we suffer the envy of others on this land mass. For as soon as we tried to have homesteads, cities, and businesses, we were bombed, lynched, re-programmed, and gathered together to go to “projects” with little to no opportunity for the functional kind of living we had shown ability to live. Here is a article on this massacre that I speak of. Although, there were others. https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/local/wp/2018/09/28/feature/they-was-killing-black-people/

And here we are 2022, projects seem like heaven as tent cities are popping up all over the country. The CULTURAL MAKEUP of these cities, unknown.

Is Envy contributing to the economic states of some people? Who cares?

Well perhaps someone can put a big study together as racism just isn’t as cute as it use to be and there are plenty of activists seeking answers and change.

Arizona, forever my home!

I’ve been living in Arizona since I was two. I’m 47 years old now. The whole idea had been simple “they don’t want us here, but we aren’t leaving” lol. And it’s that’s simple. The idea is supposed to be “you are less than us and you don’t deserve to be here, since you were 2”. But when you see your culture used like some kind of blueprint, your slang used on all local media, and the occasional “You are so beautiful” and the even more notable “Your hair is so beautiful” and you know you are, it becomes clear, you are the victim of envious racism.

Envious Racism

Here is a good video with a few very honest cacausions explaining it all https://youtu.be/DQpML1AMKTs

I truly appreciate this!

Yet ultimately, who wants to be around people they are hated by?

My advice


Get AWAY from the envious!

Give them 24,000 feet if you can (good thing Arizona is so large). That way they can suck as less of your energy, creativity, and light as possible. Remember, narcissist people NEED that victim. So GET AWAY from them altogether. RELEASE ALL TIES and if you can, RECREATE yourself AGAIN leaving your enemies dumbfounded,

Again and again.


Feel free to comment on your experience or email me: goddesque13@yahoo.com


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