Black Phx™ now!


I don’t have time for intros tonight.

But I will say this; I have lived in Phoenix, Az all of my life. During this time, it has been relayed to me, that I don’t have any rights.

I don’t believe this. If you are in the same boat as myself, join my new organization: BlackPhx!

Even though we hate racism, this is not a hate group. This (pending) will be a community wide catalyst against racist practices in this and the surrounding cities. This is because what is hidden must come to light. And like roaches, negativity is usually terminated, once found, scrounging when the lights come on.

Have any of you had significant problems and unfair treatment with the following:

Housing: Apartment rentals, housing programs, mortgages?

Jobs: Determent towards job efforts (applying or sustaining work).

Law enforcement: Treatment while in custody, violation of civil rights, entrapment.

State/City services: Domestic Violence support, Homeless support, mental health- substance abuse services?

Having trouble finding a Civil Rights/Discrimination Attorney?

Are you being gangstalked?

Social media limited by clandestine forces?

Does your school lack teachers who share your children’s ethnicity? Are your children treated poorly in that environment?

Have you lost hope that anything will change?

Let’s stop ignoring what’s happening and work together!

Join our new organization!


For more info, email us @

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