“The Emotional Body: Taking inventory and healing” by Nijeta Ankhđź’ś


How are you?

Well here is my honest , quick answer: I am really happy.

Your question might be “why?”. And then I could explain it all.

But that’s not what we do.

No. For the most part, we set up parameters for happiness that depend on certain things and if those things don’t happen, we become sad hueman beings.

This is sad, especially the parameters part: they usually are a social program of innerstanding (accepting) what happiness is for you and what society says should make you happy. Combine that with very disengenuious interaction and everyone saying they are happy, when they are not. And/or disregarding happiness because it’s just not socially acceptable.

So how are you?

How do you know?

Well if you desire to open your mind (mental body) as to the many possibilities to decipher such, let’s began with managing the Emotional body.

The Emotional Body

The Emotional body is one of your illustrious bodies as part of your 5 body holistic, and light driven (electric) makeup. It is served by the nervous system (Probably the most vital part of the body as heart and brain are in this system). It is subversive (non-physical) however as “emotions” do show themselves through physical response of the being, it is not physical. Emotions show themselves in the other bodies and even takeover (take precedence) as the body has responses that can cause the other bodies (within) to yield to emotion. It is a very , very powerful body of the five (mental, physical, spiritual, astral, emotional).

It drives our sleep patterns, eating patterns, and even affects levels of awareness.

The Emotional Body deserves our devout attention, every day. It doesn’t really benefit from alot of our actions. We just do things in spite of our bodies. This can change. You are in charge!

Manager of your Emotional Body

How can you pay better attention to this area of consciousness? What are it’s power(on/off) buttons? How can we believe it’s output? When do we allow emotion to lead action? Should we ever? If so, when? How?

When one can find those for themselves, they find emotional stability. Are you emotionally stable?

How do you know? Do you need others to tell you?

The answers lies in our personal discernment. We know, deep inside but have many boundaries to opening ones emotional self (look)and take inventory.

This is a step in the 12 step Alcoholics Anonymous program. It means you look within. Look at the things you want to change. Look at the things you care about. Evaluate your freedom (or lack thereof)..Have you hurt others? Have others hurt you?

This opens up an emotional honesty (intimacy) with SELF that demands we look intently with the intent to solve and heal.

This is where meditation/healing arts comes in along with spiritual tools (prayer/channeling).

When one searches for self, one finds. This is beyond blaming others and endless persuits that do not permeate the bodies of yours enough to make a real impression. The body needs catalytic events to make an impression, also.

We simply can’t get away from stress, and problems. The worst actually has an opposite effect. Stress can cause change in behavior. Stress can cause you to pay attention (if you are managing your bodies well). The Emotional Body sometimes needs direction. God uses pain to help us grow.

So how are you doing?

We need things, people, places, and so much more.

however, life can also use deprivation to get your attention. To turn your attention more inward. At your worst moments, your higher power actually gains through transforming within you. It needs to know you are serious about what you are doing here and the gathering of possessions just won’t be enough (in the long run) to sustain you. And why is this?

It is because the hueman is composed of five bodies and that is because the hueman is a multi-dimensional being. In other words: there’s levels to this.

So how are you , really?

Are you sad? But are you also depressed? In a state of grief? Well in my humble opinion , and based on my experience: You are in control of how you feel.

Stop Reacting!

Us black women react and strongly at times. But guess what, you don’t have to. You don’t have to scream when you wanna. You don’t have to cry. Sometimes you can even step outside of a situation and watch. This gives you more control! Sometimes we get ourselves hurt by reacting. This is probably one of the hardest things to do, emotionally (fall back).

Breathe, Control, Meditate!

They say the heart is the seat if the soul. The heart has its own memory cells. The heart (as we call it) is much, much more than we think. It also absorbs and affects more than we think. By doing this, ones behavior is affected. We get our “feelings hurt”. We then believe lies and self-defeating prophesies. We tend to go with the “feelings” and even pick them up but in fact, some feelings we should probably leave where they are and remove from our hearts. This is the muscle that holds the data, the trauma. This is what needs your focus :Your heart chakra.

Release negative feelings

Breath constantly with intent to love your heart/ lungs for supporting your body. Think on all of your motives, actions, fears, and empowerment (the ability to breathe). Engage in activities that are uplifting. Love on yourself, through everything!

Grief breathe

This is when you breathe thru it all, intently, and cry. Just cry. Don’t “fight” what you are feeling but allow the tears to fall and think of being cleansed. Or think on nothing. This exercise relieves the body and let’s you know there is trauma there. What is not there (in your thoughts) is judgement and condemnation. Instead, you must learn to be a nurse to yourself.

Friends or Foes

Self-help is just that (you helping yourself). These are things you can do by yourself (or with a Dr.s care). You don’t need assistance. The body is so effective. It is capable of leading you to your truths. Adding people to your healing experience should be done sparingly. It should truly only be loved ones (people who care) and family and even then, still use caution. This is why many times, people isolate themselves or become isolated. The body actually knows it’s in need of repair. It seeks restoration. Adding people to your mix, may not nessesarily help you. Anyone in your circle must not adversely affect your growth and development. And take all the time you need to love on yourself.

Do what you Love!

What’s sad to me is when people are not able to do things that they love. Either because of a daytime job, or unwanted circumstances. This makes doing what you love become a luxury. In fact, it is. Because it is in those activities that our hearts come aglow with the energy that it takes to heal emotional truama. Do what you love! Run in the grass! Eat Ice cream! Make a new t-shirt design, play with the children, or get a new pet, ect!

Build positive energy in your life

This new journey of self-love and healing the soul space takes time and years is what goes behind the best restoration. It’s not overnight. Many time, it took many years for us to get hurt and trumatised. Therefore, take your time in healing. Make it a lifestyle!

Ask yourself : How are you?

Thankhs for reading!

Feel free to leave your comments,

experiences below!

Take Caređź’ś


Nijeta Ankh🕊️

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