Take Care of Your Feet! By Nijeta Ankh

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This blog is focused on one of my areas, a sore spot, those things we hate to squeeze into the wrong size, those two things (hopefully) get us where we need to go, almost non-stop! Our feet!

What better way to relieve stress by reliving the feet of stress, as much as possible, under normal physical demands.

Your Feet

They have over 20 different bones each, carry over 100 pounds or more, never break under normal circumstances, and are constantly in use.

They carry over 7000 nerve endings for organs all over the body! They connect to nerve endings to every single major organ and some smaller ones. Feet are normally very flexible and enduring. How fast someone can run does not only depend on the feet but a large number of pounds of pressure that’s being supported. We have to take care of them.

I suffered over the years with my feet. Cheap , wrongly sized, poorly styled shoes almost made me lose the use of some styles altogether. I’m not wearing heels unless it’s a special occasion and now, unfortunately, but at any rate, pain could always be at the end of a nice night.

Therefore, I learned the hard way! But OH did it feet good to learn the best way to take stress from them and manage better.

Feet talk, LISTEN!

When they hurt, GET OFF OF THEM! Even if it’s at work. It’s better to take a 5 min break off of your feet than to keep grinding them. Their may be a problem lurking.

Bone spurs, bunions being the most common.

Spurs are an abnormal interaction between your feet muscles, tissues, and bones. The bones grow growths of calcium called “spurs”. These HURT!

But they can be managed with a bit of extra care and the right soles.


My favorite shoes right now are my Polo Ralph Lauren sneakers and I’ve realized this is because they use a memory foam kind of insole. I like this (and so do my feet) because of the way my feet relax. Many times what is happening is a hyper extension, pressure of the muscles. When the muscles of the feet RELAX they feel a lot better. Try it: when you have your feet aching, spread them out wide as you can and stand up straight, applying all of pressure to your center of them both. This relieves the pressure in the arch and surrounding areas.

Wash Em

You wash your feet, of course. But do you have a wash just for your feet? Well you should since it’s coming in contact with all of the bacteria on the ground level and also to penetrate more deeply and relieve tension stress, and lactic acid buildup. Give your feet a special washing with the following: Tea Tree, Tumeric, Shea Butter. The Tea Tree helps rid the feet of bacteria that causes fungal growth “athlete’s foot”. Tumeric helps with healing of scrapes, hangnails, cuts, and open wounds. Shea Butter is great to apply right after the shower to seal in the moisture. This helps lessen the chance of cracks in heels, split cuticles, dry skin, ect.

Coconut Oil

Such a hero of oils , coconut is becoming in my household. Just as with all of it’s multiple uses, coconut oil is also great for killing bacteria, lessening foot oder, healing minor scraps and cuts. Good for softening the cuticles (hands and feet) it’s just an all-around amazing essential oil.


Elevate your feet off the ground, kick back, and let them rest. This is one of the BEST things that you can do for your feet. Get off of them. When we are young, we take them for granted, until your “dogs start screaming”. But instead, after strenuous ac tivity, get off of your feet and let them rest.

Baking Soda/Mint Foot Bath

If you don’t have an electric foot bath, just try this in your tub. The mint is invigorating and goes beyond to the muscles giving relief from aching muscles. The warmer the water, the better. Get it as hot as you can take. Baking Soda or household Epson Salt are great salts to penetrate the muscles also, releasing the lactic acid that causes pain.

Do at least once a week and keep it up!


I believe this is a true art and science that does work, based on what we know about those nerve connections. Here is a helpful chart to use.


Thats all for now, we can go on and on with footcare and of course there is your bi-monthly pedicure. But be careful not to fall into the trap of thinking you have to have this professionally done. You can care for your feet at home and even give the nail tech a little break with feet in better condition to work on. Plus, they will feel so much better.

Ok goddesses, feel free to comment your footcare favorites, ideas, and experience below. Thankhs for reading!✨


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