What is the Midnight Express? A Phoenix legend of human trafficking, local jails and the possible racial connection” by Nijeta Ankh (Nutmeg) [Pt 1]


Sorry, not sorry.

This is a preview. I have some personal notes and facts about this subject.

Since I freed myself from my abusive marriage, I spent some time in jail because of an assault charge (I defended myself against my abusive x -husband).

Because of this stay, the targeting I had experienced since 2016, continued, and I was taunted by several inmates (hispanic, native and caucasian) strangers about “The Midnight Express”. “You ain’t gonna make it out of here, you going to the Midnight Express!” they jeered as I returned resounding curse words. But it has taken me this long (my lovely stay was about a year ago) to figure out some things REALLY NEED TO BE INVESTIGATED AND FIGURED OUT by the PUBLIC with this “Midnight Express”.

This is just a preview/ FULL BLOG THIS WEEKEND!

I’m still targeted everyday.

I fear no one.

Therefore, I preface this post and upcoming article with this disclaimer now:

If something happens to me making it impossible for me to post the full blog this Saturday (Saturn Day) ask the people on the streets of Phoenix “WHAT IS THE MIDNIGHT EXPRESS they are talking about in jails??”.

More importantly, I also will tell you what other INMATES TOLD ME (the ones who were not taunting me (or paid to) about this…. legend.

Come back Saturn Day.

Peace Family!


(That was 2 weeks ago!)


I just really want to know, what is it?

Why were these inmates saying these things?

I know what some of you are thinking,

Why not file a lawsuit? But on who?

I want to warn you of the racial issues I bring up in this post. If you are sensitive, it may be too unsettling to read (I get it). You are excused.

To everyone else, tell me what you see. Or tell me how I’m tripping (it’s fine with me). I understand, I don’t always share popular viewpoint.

But anyway, as an indigenous black women and Phoenix native, let me state, this state is having a issue with racial balence and harmony.

Or, it could be me. I’m conducting an experiment now: Are you ok as a black person living in Phoenix and/or surrounding cities?

Do you feel safe at school? Work?

Have you had significant issues with subtle and blatant disregard and

especially as black women? Are you made to feel subjugated by other Races? Or are you the one black face in the group feeling a must to cater to , other races?

Well, I learned the hard way after being

basically refused certain services (like Domestic Violence supportive services/they ask your race ( a Hispanic female screened me).

Due to our separation and irreconcilable issues (and no D.V. support) I became homeless.

I got myself together, got a little apartment on Thomas and 43rd Ave. The apt had a red door. No one else had one. Subsequently, “neighbors” were complaining that I had too much company. All I had was my daughter and her baby. Just my family. We were also told we couldn’t smoke in our apartment (cigarettes). We also we’re bullied by a neighbor (a middle aged Hispanic male) throwing what sounded like a couch (I’m not kidding) against the wall if we did. The complex clerk said they had a bad venting system (well I’ll keep venting here) also a Hispanic person (a female) also lied at court and said she never reported anything to me about terminating my lease for such reasons. This all while I worked my way up to employee of the month for Dial America (helping Sirius XM make serious money those years). But even though I gained “Agent of the Quarter” still treated really poorly by Hispanic co-workers…

I digress,

One should not be made to feel they are in a foreign detention center when in one’s hometown. There is enough of nearly every race here to hire enough person’s so as not bully people of different cultures.

Ah but there is a even deeper issue: Acosting for the purpose of Prostitution….of black female locals by mostly Hispanic and Chicano males. I even spoke to a homeless black female “they force you into Prostitution” “who” I asked. “The police!” I didn’t know what to say or think. She was a beautiful dark skinned beat up homeless woman and use to be seen sitting with all of her things in front of the Post Office downtown. She also called me the “N- word” and seemed annoyed that we shared African blood. Maybe she was trying to tell me something.

Back to what I bought up in the preview: If institutions are designed to debase people of certain genome and uphold a different genome, that is EXACTLY WHAT RACISM IS. Not behavior you might find prejudiced. No, racism is about power.

At about the second month of my stay, I had a dream. It hasn’t left me. It was much too vivid!

I was awakened ( in my dream) by a old black women. She called to me “Excuse me…

Can you please help me?”

She appeared to be about 70 or even 80 for as I got up and walked towards her(she was in all white) and I was close enough to feel her energy (absolute dispair). She had old cornrows and I thought maybe she wanted me to do her hair (dreamers cognitive dissonance) for the dream ended abruptly and I knew once I was awake, I had just seen a dead person, in my dream.

The question is, what did she need my help with?

Ok, let’s take a break and I’ll explain when I heard of this “Midnight Express”.



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