More waistbead magic (facts and legend) why you need one! By Nijeta Ankh


I have my waistbeads on sale, and coming to a space near you!

I quit “jobs” and that whole game for

ancestral gifting: GEMSTONES!

Waistbeads are part of this gift

but more is coming!

I’ll be posting some new designs this week!

LooK out for them!

I get some questions and here are answers:

No, my waistbeads are not designed for masturbation or sexual practice.

They DO assist women with womb wellness. Yet, anyone can wear them.

Yes, I am inspired by and have owned traditional waistbeads made in Nigeria and it was explained to me that it something well to do women of Africa (specifically). However, they are worn all throughout the East (belly chains) worn by “belly dancers” can be found as far as India and for similar reasons (positive womb wellness & stimulation/meditation aid/balance) I NOW also offer a men’s bracelet. As for wombs, remember: children come from there. It’s an organ that “works” beyond child birth (more on this in my next post). I have also received Kundalini womb healing training from holistic health practitioner- Ellen Joseph of Nurture the Roots LLc.which taught self-healing techniques that healing stones (worn everyday) simply can only support.

If you have questions,

For now, ask away, about them and I will try to answer you.




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