What is the Midnight Express? A Phoenix legend of human trafficking, local jails and the possible racial connection” by Nijeta Ankh (Nutmeg) [Pt 2]


I have promised to continue this blog post “What is the Midnight Express?” and unfortunately, that is what I have to do.

I say unfortunately, because the subject matter is horrid and also, still mixed with mystery. But not so much that I can’t post all that I see, heard, and even experienced. But I STILL DONT KNOW what the “Midnight Express” is!

I was hoping to get some feedback or an answer but suddenly, my blog site seems like it is not getting any traffic (despite me promoting it everyday via my pop-up shops). It’s also been pretty tense lately on the beat. Mass transit as well. I am making a sacrifice to tell you what I know (I realize this). And some just wish I would go away altogether. But the Most High has other plans.

Seeing what this subject matter is truly about (missing persons) I thought I would look up missing women. I then narrowed it down a bit to women who look like me. Why? Well I have told you I’m stalked and a targeted person, check out the following video/interview with YouTuber StarWolf for which I am eternally grateful!

I thought I’d look up who may fit my description. I found 3 black women (who actually did fit my description) who have been missing between now and the past 3 years.
Here are there images.

I posted these young ladies because I found it interesting they all fit the same description (my own). I spent a lot of time thru my tribulation(on foot) in the city and one event stands out in my mind. I was standing on a corner late at night waiting for a ride to take me to work. It was about 3 a.m. As I recall, a black van with a very rough(bad) paint job pulls up with dark tinted windows. There was also construction work on the main street to the right of me. However , they (Men were working on the street in the area) we’re not in view but could be heard. All of the sudden (as the black van pulls into a complex near me (but not my complex) and I heard no door slam (hear no movement) the lights in the entire neighborhood go off (about a second after the van pulls in) and I go into extreme panic (can’t see in front of me) but can see light to my right which was the next main street. I RUN as fast as I could to that street corner light. I was terrified! I continue to the next convenience store I see and never see the black van again. I’ve never forgot that. Don’t know why the lights went out. And I still find it very weird they went out right after a strange vehicle pulls in near me.
I filed it as a scary memory. But never got much closure.

Fast fwd back to the jail.
I can’t imagine it’s easy to manage people. I imagine it’s super hard to manage people having issues that lead to being charged with breaking laws and everything that can come with those lifestyles. Jails in Arizona are some of the toughest in the country. Sheriff Joe Arpaio was a media spectacle for being one of the meanest sheriff’s in the country (also) at one time( he is now retired). But what he manned over (although cruel and indifferent) he actually designed something that’s not as scary as what’s happening now. At the time of my stay, there were VERY FEW African-American detention officers! Also, you have to make sure you REMEMBER , BY HEART, all of your important information. You MUST remember phone numbers of your love ones BY HEART. For if you do not, you can definitely lose contact. Also, have a ride ready because one can be released at terrible times of the morning. I was released at around 3 a.m. and the local jail is placed in the middle of a dark area. Meaning once you leave the complex, it starts to look like rural roads and very little lighting. These are ways that anyone (male or female) can be abducted.

Back to the threat “you ain’t gonna make it out of here, you going to the Midnight Express” I think her name was something like “Alyssa” or “Jessica” and she was definitely trolling me (in person) as she had an antagonistic spirit and seemed to really want to get under my skin. Well in truth, she did that and still I ask, what did she mean? It’s customary for inmates to sometimes “talk s…” to feel tough and maybe even make someones stay hard. But this was different. She seemed to know something about me. Well I definitely don’t take threats like that, as simple “running of the mouth”. So since I’ve been home, I didn’t ignore a recent shocking news story about a body chop shop found full of mutilated people of color. I’m not kidding, here is the story here.
This shows that something is definitely going wrong here. This story didn’t gain much momentum (or public pressure by civil rights organizations. They didn’t raise any hell. Are we too complacent? Where were those bodies from?? Why were they mostly African American mutilated bodies?https://www.phoenixnewtimes.com/news/biological-resource-center-selling-body-parts-phoenix-heads-severed-11378501

Well not alot of people are asking. As a targeted person of color, it all gives me the heebie-jeebies and remember, I had a close encounter myself with a mysterious vehicle and lights going out in a neighborhood, at a strange time of night. Was it a conspiracy to kidnap me? I will never know.

So no, I still don’t have an answer but I do believe something is up and MORE CAN BE DONE to make streets safer for everyone.
This is one of the reasons I love my healing stones. This is what can power your aura and even aid in your protection, heighten your senses and keep you alert. This is what I’ve experienced.
Back to my vision: an elderly black woman in all white (blouse and A-line skirt) waking me up, standing at the door of my cell, asking for help. I forgot to add that when I looked in her hair and attempted to touch it, dust billowed from it like smoke. What did she want? Did she die in that facility?
Well many have charge over the bodies of indigent populations and even bury them in a local indigent graveyard. I know because I was on the female chain gain (almost 20 years ago for a petty offense)and helped to bury these people myself. It means your local jail can have charge over your dead body if your family does not receive news in a timely fashion. In other words, your body is not in limbo but is under complete control of the state. This also gives me a strange feeling as I believe an entirely different entity (not a correctional facility) should have control over and burying bodies. It just seems to not be appropriate.
These jails only offer beans and rice for dinner every day, and one sack lunch. Surely, great care for dead bodies, can’t be a specialty. Why is it even allowed?

So, I don’t know if the little evil inmate was referring to the systems care for the dead as it is possible. I just never heard it referred to as the “Midnight Express”.
Ok, I think I’ve asked enough and still no answer and no comments on the blog. Which I find odd.
What is very clear to me is , reform is needed in this city to make things less like a horror movie and more like an actual community where anyone can thrive.

Allow me to give sisters a heads up. Yes, anything can happen to anyone. You can lose your home, relationship, or marriage (like myself) and find yourself in a terrible position to become abandoned. But DON’T SUCCUMB to the situation and TRY not to get TOO INDEPENDENT where NO ONE KNOWS where you are. Get loved ones phone numbers memorized again (like back in the day) as in many of these facilities, you cannot go online and find anything of that nature. Get emails memorized also. As this can be the only way to reach someone and let them know where you are. The most vulnerable women in these situations are those wrangled by drug addiction and caught up in it so deep, they are in a psychosis on a consistent basis – mentally ill. Because even the most loving behavioral tech (in these facilities) will NOT help inmates find family or even ones church to contact (most times collect calls are the only kind possible). Anyone can get lost in the system. You have to stay in charge of your life, as much as you can, or one can become a fatal and lost victim. Locally, one does not have access to bank or debit cards (one’s income) while housed either. So unless you are IN TOUCH with family and friends by COLLECT CALL and EMAILS YOU CAN RECALL FROM YOUR OWN MEMORY , YOU CAN BE LEFT EATING BEANS AND RICE EVERYDAY, FOR YOUR ENTIRE STAY, IN 2O23.



I FEEL LIKE THE WOMAN I saw in my dream or vision was a victim of something. And since I saw her in that facility setting, I feel like she was a victim there, somehow. The nature of her victimization, I may never know (unless she visits me again-in the ether) and tells me. Nonetheless, I couldn’t ignore her plea.
So please, sisters, be smart! Don’t be a victim! And whatever the “Midnight Express” is , if it exists, to hell with it!

For more on efforts to connect and build my new organization : BlackPhxNow email me at BlackPhx@mail.com or Goddesque13@yahoo.com

Peace & infinite Light


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