More Waistbeads (Do’s & Dont’s) by Nijeta Ankh (meme)

Hey Sis!

I just wanted to clear some things up about this beautiful trend!

Our sisters in West Africa have used these for thousands of years or more. Here are some things I have come to understand while wearing them myself (currently I’m wearing 5 everyday).

Please take note as you are dealing with a very delicate area of the body that you DON’T want to damage, impressing your friends (smile).

You can actually have two separate categories (nighttime glam, everyday wear). As with the glammed out , large beaded waistbeads should NOT be worn everyday, ok.

Also, keep away from small children as they are a potential choking hazard.

Think more of these as something fusing with your natural body as support and not only an adornment.

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Peace & love 💕


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